Commodity Inspection Services


New Larger Laboratory Facilities

17th December, 2015 by Mathew Conoulty



CIS is growing and so we needed much more laboratory space. We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved the laboratory to new, larger, purpose built premises located at Sinnamon Park, less than 30 minutes from the Brisbane ports.

Not only is the area of the new laboratory more than double that of the previous one, but the space has also been customised so that it is more efficient. This has allowed us to install new equipment in order to expand our range of analytical testing, increase the efficiency of our work and introduce even more rigorous quality control.

We would be pleased to take you on a guided tour of our new laboratory so that we can demonstrate to you the work that goes into the results you receive. Please contact our head office to arrange a time.

The new CIS laboratory address is Suite 1A, 532 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park, QLD, 4073. Our phone number remains the same.

View an infographic of CIS's lab process.

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