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The CIS Laboratory Progress Report

1st August, 2016 by Mathew Conoulty



After a tremendous effort from our dedicated team in Brisbane, Commodity Inspection Services’ (CIS) brand new laboratory was fully operational by the 1st of January 2016. Enjoying the purpose-built fitout of the laboratory has been a great start to the year as we enter a new era in a state-of-the-art facility.

As our business has grown, the volume of agri-commodity quality testing we do on a daily basis has steadily increased. Our more common and requested tests include protein, moisture, fat, ash, and pepsin digestibility, and the capacity of some of these instruments had reached their limits, so we’ve replaced those instruments giving us sufficient extra capacity for further growth. The improved throughput benefits both rendering and grains customers by ensuring that we are able to maintain our high service standards moving forward.

Some of the new equipment improvements include:

  • New Leco 628 protein analyser, which has doubled the throughput of our protein testing.
  • New digestion oven, which has doubled the throughput of our pepsin testing (one of our more time consuming tests).
  • Two more muffle furnaces, which has tripled the throughput of our ash testing.
  • New 12 place Soxtec analyser, which has doubled the throughput of our fat testing.

We have many more great plans for our new laboratory and we look forward to keeping you posted on our advancements.

If you are interested in learning more about our developments, please contact me at

View an infographic of CIS's lab process.

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