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CIS proud members of the AMA

27th September, 2016 by Mathew Conoulty



The mung bean industry in Australia is booming, thanks to historically high prices giving growers the incentives to increase their area planted. Quality mung beans can fetch top dollar, and as more growers get involved with producing them, it is essential that growers provide sound agronomic practices and traders have the harvested product classified and tested in appropriately accredited laboratory facilities by experienced, trained analysts.

To ensure that we are conversant with industry trends, overseas requirements and standards Commodity Inspection Services has become an associate member of the Australian Mungbean Association (AMA).

The Australian Mungbean Association is a non-profit organisation that continually pushes for better outcomes and ensures that Australian-produced mung beans are high in quality and meet the desired standards of importing countries. The AMA represents all sectors of the mung bean industry including plant breeders, research agronomists, grain traders, seed graders, packers, crop consultants, traders and other stakeholders.

All trading and testing companies need to be accredited to work with mung beans and Commodity Inspection Services’ is now an AMA member, committed to helping growers and distributors test their supply of Australian mung beans for both domestic and international markets.

We have a commitment to quality testing across all our products, and mung beans are no exception. If you would like to learn more about our AMA membership or any of our inspection, laboratory or certification services, you can contact us here.

View an infographic of CIS's lab process.

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